Photo Challenge!

We're looking for good quality photos of various "clubs" within Dogwarts that feature you! Maybe it's the "Chess Club" or an "Astronomy Club". Perhaps it's a "Cooking Club" or an "Astrology Club"!

Whatever the case, stage an all-ages appropriate, high resolution photo in an appropriate setting or backdrop with a group of suiters (and/or non-suiters) and get in on the fun! You don't even need to be coming to Fur-Eh! this year to participate!

Send your photos to: and your photo may just appear* in the conbook this year! Be sure to include the furry names of those appearing in the photo so that they can be identified in our Yearbook!

If you have any questions about this photo challenge, please feel free to contact us!

Deadline for photos to be submitted is APRIL 30, so get going!

*All photos used will require a release form be completed prior to our publishing in our conbook. All photos selected for use will be used without compensation.

Posted on 14 Apr 2017 by bcbreakaway

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