The FUR-EH! Parade & Group Photo

Those of you who were at Fur-Eh! last year may recall that we launched a new format for the fursuit parade that made it an outdoor parade and that encouraged participants to march in themed groups (fursuits weren't even required for these themed groups). For all other fursuiters, you were placed in general groups and were able to walk the parade route just like you would any other parade.

This year, the themed groups are again welcome! If you want to march individually or as a themed group OR if you are a performer who wants to walk the route and perform their act (eg: a dance routine or similar) as a featured entry in the parade, just fill out this form and we'll get you placed!

Everyone else in fursuit will be grouped in their HOUSE and will be sent out as a group with your fellow Housemates.

BUT WAIT, there's MORE! This year, VEHICLES are permitted in the Fur-Eh! Parade. If you have a special vehicle that you want to enter in the parade, a float that you want to tow from a vehicle or have some other reason to include a vehicle in the parade, we'd like to hear from you, so fill out that form we mentioned!

The Group Photo will be taken immediately before the parade starts and will be done indoors in the main stage ballroom (Wildrose 1). The schedule will be posted to let you know what time you MUST be marshaled in the main ballroom in order to participate in the photo and/or the parade.

Please note, the photo is a FURSUIT photo, so only those in fursuit or some other costume (eg: as part of a themed group) will be permitted to be in the photo.

If you have any questions about the Fur-Eh! Parade or the Photo, please contact us at

Posted on 13 May 2017 by bcbreakaway

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